Biosupremacy is a Kickstarter game I really want to love, but its Kickstarter page just doesn’t make in shine. Reading through the Kickstarter there is information about the story (which is great) and samples of music (which are great) and animation (which are really great), but not really much about the mechanics. To put it simply the Kickstarter page is too sparse on details and that makes me unconfident about backing it even though it does sound good.


Don’t get me twisted, I really like the premise of this Action-Adventure game. You get to play as an alien rather than a human which is refreshing, and your fighting an ‘interdimensional being’ who is basically mutating animals. The idea sound original and cool, but I want to know more. Can your character craft? What skills can he learn? What weapon do they use? I’m sure you understand what I mean. It kinda feels like a case of narratology vs ludology, an age-old debate in game design circles. One side argues that games are a medium for telling stories just like books or movies, whereas the other says that games are about… well gaming, playing etc. I can’t quite figure out where Biosupremacy falls on this spectrum because their simply isn’t enough info.


an interdimensional enemy is using DNA manipulation to take over the world.

The developers are expecting to be able to deliver the game this October which I have to assume means that they have been working on the project for a while. Again, not enough information for me to know, there’s no demo or mention of the Steam Greenlight. Kickstarter has given it one of those ‘Projects We Love’ badges and I do love the idea, but my spider senses are tingling. I sort of wonder if the game is coming to Steam too, the rewards mention DRM-Free copies of the game specifically which made me rub my chin and go ‘Hmm’. What do you guys think of Biosupremacy and its  Kickstarter?

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