Dropcore has returned to Kickstarter for a second shot at getting funding for their RTS/RPG hybrid. When it first appeared in July 2015 and ran its 30 day funding period it only raised $1. The original Kickstarter was rather bare and short with no pictures and scarce information outside of bullet points, so the outcome was no surprising. The latest Kickstarter is definitely an improvement, but has it improved enough to get funding?


The goal is titanically lower, this time around, dropping from $100,000 to just $15,000. Such a dramatic drop does make me frown a little since it has only been 1 year. The game is very complicated to explain. Fortunately, there is a pre-alpha demo that gives you some idea as to what the developer once. I actually felt quite queasy after playing it for just a few minutes, there’s a lot of colour and movement so your eyes are frantically trying to look everywhere at once. I won’t lie, there are some solid mechanics here, even if I have a hard time explaining them. The problem is it is too complex. Pretty much everything in the game is customizable and the A.I. adapts to your playstyle and gives you different outcomes and it’s pretty overwhelming. It definitely has replayability, but it’s just so complicated it’s more of an obligation than a joy.


I have no idea what is happening right now…

Now, undoubtedly the Dropcore Kickstarter page has improved, it has pictures and much more detail, however, I think it still needs a lot of work. It committed one of my personal Kickstarter sins; having the rewards go straight from $1 to $15 (all I want is a wallpaper TT_TT) which is one of my pet peeves. The developer only put in a tiny footnote about the game being on Steam Greenlight, whereas most successful developers have put up a banner. I get the feeling that Dropcore will be a third time lucky kind of deal. What do you think? Am I being too harsh with this Kickstarter? Lemme know in the comments below.

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