After a brief period of inactivity, it appears that the Mermaids vs Zombies campaign is showing signs of life. For those who may not know, MvsZ is a visual novel/RPG hybrid that’s currently in development by Adam Snowflake and Braincake Productions.

aquatic2Until recently, the majority of the updates were “backer-only” with the last one dated February 11th, 2016 somewhat ominously titled “New artist“.

Approximately two months later, Adam has not only provided a public update that provides insight into what sounds like a painful home situation, but immediately followed it up with public video that shows off the game’s current progress in the Gamemaker platform itself.

aquatic3Now titled AqUaTIC to avoid confusion/conflict with the Plants vs Zombies franchise, Adam is admirably practicing transparency during hard times in its most raw form.

AqUaTIC and its inclusive themes are something the world needs, and I’m glad Adam is hard at work despite everything.

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