Please don’t hate me for this video. I made my points clear, right? I made a pretty good case, right? I even put on the mask and wig like you asked! What more do you want from me?

Today’s video takes a look at nostalgia on Kickstarter, a big topic considering that’s pretty much all Kickstarter is anymore: a perpetual nostalgia machine. So many projects are sold and marketed on the return of a long dead genre, a long awaited sequel, a spiritual successor, or as a game that just looks or plays like others. Those are the campaigns that find the most success, leaving more unique and original games with almost nothing because they don’t come with the same guarantee of comfort and familiarity.

See? I told you you’d hate me.

No matter what you may think of me, I will always love you.

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Josh Griffiths

Josh Griffiths is a writer and amateur historian. He has a passion for 3D platformers, narrative-driven games, and books. Josh is also Cliqist’s video producer. He’s currently working on his first novel, and will be doing so on and off for the next decade.

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