We’ve covered Sekai Project and its various crowdfunded campaigns before, and they still keep coming back for more. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but they do have a lot of games still in the works. In any event, they just launched another translation project, this time on IndieGogo, called Ne no Kami. It looks like a great addition to their stable and one with a subject matter that I really enjoy from a visual novel. Namely, a lot of yuri fun.

Ne no KamiNe no Kami is a yuri visual novel dealing not just with lesbian romances, but also with magic, demons, and kickass sword fights. At least that’s what it looks like in the video. Frankly, all of the above sounds like a great game to pick up and play, and I’ll definitely pick it up once the translation is done (I refuse to back IndieGogo projects). Kuro Irodoru Yomiji developed the game and will be working with Sekai to do the translation while Denpasoft will be doing the more adult content.

Ne no KamiThat’s right. Ne no Kami is going to be released both as an “all ages” game as well as an 18+ hentai title. Which is probably why it’s running on IndieGogo instead of Kickstarter, which frowns on projects with adult content for some reason. In any event, in just a couple days it’s already 2/3 funded with still around a month to go so the chances of it failing are very slim. Part 1 seems to be already done with the campaign mostly to finish it up and get to work on part 2.

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