Dad Quest is on Steam Greenlight, after securing $9,350 through Kickstarter. The new downloadable demo gives players an inside look at Sundae Month’s bizarre world of child rearing.


In Dad Quest, children are indestructible weapons. Dad’s raise their children by throwing them at enemies and buildings. Tongue-in-cheek premises seem to be Sundae Month’s hallmark if their previous games are any indication.

Don’t let the seeming lack of maternal influence put you off of the game. One of the stretch goals met during the Kickstarter, adds a playable “female dad” to the game’s full release.

In the world of Dad Quest, the title of Dad is taken by anyone who loves their child, regardless of gender. Many of the world’s strongest Dads are women, and we invite players to step into the shoes of a female Dad with a new playable character.

dadquestgifDownload the demo and let me know if Dad Quest is the right kind of weird, in the comments.


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