One of the perks that I really enjoy with backing crowdfunding projects is getting a “behind the scenes” look at the development of said game. In the latest update for point and click adventure The St. Christopher’s School Lockdown we got treated to some interesting and unique gameplay that literally sets the mood of our protagonist’s journey. They’re implementing a “mood” system where Kayleigh’s mental state not only affects her interactions with others but also with how she perceives reality. Just check out the screenshots below as well as the video they provided.

The St. Christopher's School Lockdown

In The St. Christopher’s School Lockdown you’re playing as the abovementioned character as she infiltrates the school and she’s not exactly the most stable person and how she reacts to the world around her affects her surroundings. Case in point: If she’s depressed you’ll be treated to drab greys and if she’s in a manic state she views the world in psychedelic colors. Groovy. The trick is to balance them out to make it to the end. Which is where the “Mood Minigame” is brought into play. It’s part memory game and part therapy session. Just watch the video if you’re confused.

The St. Christopher's School Lockdown

In fact, I highly urge you to check out the update if this has captured your interest. It goes into more detail than what I’ve covered here. I’m always on the lookout for gameplay options that I’ve never seen before and this one for The St. Christopher’s School Lockdown certainly counts as unique. And one that I can’t wait to see in action when the game finally ships.

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