Buck was first on Kickstarter waaaay back in May 2014, but after more than two years, it’s back. The self-described “2D Post-Apocalyptic Noir Action-Adventure Game” has seen a few changes since then, and now it’s back on Kickstarter.

Buck, for those of you who never heard of it or have a terrible memory, is a 2D metroidvania set in the post-apocalypse. What makes this game different to all the other post-apocalyptic simulators is the way its presented. It’s not all doom and gloom like you might find in Fallout, rather it has a noir feel to it. Oh, and you also play an anthropomorphic dog like it was a PS2 mascot platformer.
Buck04The first big change this time around is a playable demo, pushed to the top of the page so everyone can see it. We’ll hopefully have a play through of that soon on our Youtube channel, but until then take a look at what else is new.

Development is a lot further along as well, with the gameplay looking more much polished. The studio’s seemingly new found confidence in the game is expressed not only by the demo, but the sheer amount of in-game screenshots and video on offer. The previous campaign only showed some concept art and a few cutscenes, whereas this new campaign is all about the gameplay.
Buck05You can really see how far development has come along in the funding goal. The original campaign was seeking around $55,000. Now, that number has dropped all the way to $30,000. Unlike so many other games seeking a second chance on Kickstarter that just drop the funding goal, you can really see why they need less money just by looking at the game itself. It, and developer Wave Interactive’s presentation, is so much more professional looking.

Given my unrelenting love for 3D mascot platformers, I’m a little sad Buck isn’t 3D. However, I can understand why, they take a lot more time and money to make. I am at least glad to see this game get new life after years of self-funding by the developers. A lot of effort has clearly gone into the game, and it looks like they’re well on their way to meeting their new goal.

Josh Griffiths

Josh Griffiths

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Josh Griffiths