Do you remember that game about the tadpole?. No, not Frogger, that was a frog. No, not Pokemon, but you are getting close. Yes, the one involving music. Tadpole Treble. “Inspired by hit games like Donkey Konga, Beat Hazard, Audiosurf and Amplitude, Tadpole Treble stars a newborn tadpole on an epic musical odyssey.”  The fun loving game launched its Kickstarter campaign with a splash and made over $45,000 of its $30,000 and meeting the Wii U stretch goal it set for itself. However, a month after the Steam release of Tadpole Treble, the Wii U version of the game is still missing. A recent update has been released to explain the delay to backers on the games Kickstarter.


It seems like BitFinity, the games developer, has run into a snag with one of the extra features in the game. “…we had to make a difficult decision on whether to delay the game further, or just try to work it in as a patch so that people can still play the game sooner.” says developer Matthew Taranto. The good news is that the Wii U version is still happening. Taranto has expressed unwavering determination towards getting his game one Wii U saying, “I’m a Wii U owner and lifelong Nintendo fan, and I know the sting of companies (or Kickstarters!) canceling the Nintendo version out of the blue. We’re not going to do that to you! The Wii U will have Tadpole Treble. I didn’t come this far to not have my game on a Nintendo system, by gum! WE’RE MAKING IT HAPPEN. NO MATTER HOW MUCH IT DETERIORATES OUR SANITY!!


So far Tadpole Treble has very positive reviews on Steam. It is also on sale for $7.49 during the Steam Summer Sale until the 4th of July. It seems like the community loves this tadpole and will gladly wait for it to grace the Wii U with its musical wonder.

Bronsen Earl

Bronsen Earl

Bronsen developed a deep love of video games when he played duck hunt for the first time. Watching that dog laugh at him has fueled a career in a field that has brought him amazing amounts of joy. 2D titles have always been his preferred format, with DLC Quest being one of his favorite games of all time. He started writing about video games in 2013 and he has loved it ever since.
Bronsen Earl