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Bronsen developed a deep love of video games when he played duck hunt for the first time. Watching that dog laugh at him has fueled a career in a field that has brought him amazing amounts of joy. 2D titles have always been his preferred format, with DLC Quest being one of his favorite games of all time. He started writing about video games in 2013 and he has loved it ever since.

Get Your 80’s Nostalgia on with Shadow Gangs

Remember the 80's? Remember technicolor hairbands and punk rock? Remember the ninjas that invaded New York and kidnapped all those random people? No? Well,...

Tadpole Treble For the Wii U is Missing Some Notes

Do you remember that game about the tadpole?. No, not Frogger, that was a frog. No, not Pokemon, but you are getting close. Yes,...

Noct Fades Into Darkness

Noct, the multiplayer survival horror game by C3SK, is about to go through a lot of changes. In light of some bad reviews slamming...