Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. (blank) is “a 2D procedurally generated roguelike with item crafting, dungeon looting, and a challenging combat system.” This is the opening sales pitch to Underworld Dungeon, the first Kickstarter from burgeoning developer Inferno Soul.


Putting my feelings on 2D roguelikes aside, I don’t want to give you the impression that this is a bad game, because it does actually look very promising. Being developed by one man, Underworld Dungeon is the kind of game that I love supporting. It takes a lot of work to make a video game, and to do all of that by yourself, and do it while being a freshmen in school is a hell of an effort. But despite it all, that’s just what Ethan has done, and he should be commended for his work.


The game itself is basically captured by the tagline. It has the standard pixel art you’d expect from this kind of game, which isn’t bad, but doesn’t really stand out either. From what the campaign video shows, there seems to be a good amount of weapon variety and interesting enough boss battles, so as far as roguelikes go, there’s definitely substance.


If you’re a fan of the 2D roguelike, then you obviously have a lot of variety (or lack thereof) to choose from. But if you have the time, maybe consider checking Underworld Dungeon out. They’re only asking for a modest $1,000, and a new budding developer like this should be applauded and empowered to pursue their dreams in game development. Be sure to check out more of the game here, and if you really like what you see, consider supporting Underworld Dungeon on Steam Greenlight.

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