When I first saw Hollow Knight on Kickstarter, I couldn’t help but imagine it becoming an indie masterpiece. It has a dark and moody tone, fast-paced action and a retro game design. It screamed out to me as being a game that should be on any old-school gamer’s radar. The game has been delayed from its initial window, but the developers are promising a ton of new bosses, secret areas, and additional items to make the wait worth it.

5f7096733828c47116d84fef156eb40d_originalTeam Cherry has announced a pretty big name that’s coming on board to help promote their upcoming 2D Castlevania-esque adventure game. Matthew “Leth” Griffin is an indie game marketing veteran and has helped with the releases of Stardew Valley, Interstellaria and Wanderlust Adventures- three fairly successful games in the indie scene. Team Cherry says they’re confidence in his ability to promote their game, and given his track record I have to agree.

408342f49c056c6d1e9c2a228e7d1b4a_originalWhen it comes to what day this highly anticipated game will release, Team Cherry is still keeping mum. They have suggested that the date is fast approaching, but it’s a little disappointing not to have a firm date after the postponement from last year. To tide us over, and to give us an idea of how much is being put into the game’s visuals, they provided a gif showing some of the Fog Canyon area. There’s a lot of layers on display here, and some stunning lighting effects from pretty much every angle.

For me, I’m willing to wait a little longer for an outstanding experience, and I can’t wait to play this fantastic-looking game. Let’s just hope the wait won’t be rewarded with another Mighty No. 9.

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