A lonely star fills the night sky with dread. There are a lot of mysteries in this world we don’t understand, with science and wisdom failing to explain everything. In these gaps lies either the fallacy or the blinding truth, depending on your outlook on life. While there’s no one answer to explain away this strange anomaly, a new game on Kickstarter is setting the stage for revelation.


Lonely Star is a 2D APRG about a group of religious warriors meeting up in the Arizona desert to prepare a defence against a dark, ancient prophecy. A terrible star is fast approaching, and with it brings apocalyptic and unworldly abominations to wake the ghosts of the past. Some spirits focus on a particular place or person, while others roam and seek out prey. Using an array of melee and long-range weaponry, you’ll need to exorcise these demonic apparitions and stop the destruction of the planet.

One of the game’s more exciting features is surviving in this barren and unforgiving land. You’ll need to find and harvest food to get energy, which in this apocalyptic situation is everything. Not only will attackers take bites out of your life bar, but so will farming, tracking and gathering materials to survive. Thankfully, a mysterious variety of corn has sprung up under the ominous star and can be used for more than just casseroles. This important crop grows very quickly and can be utilized for expendable materials like torches and arrows, but also has magical properties for spells.


The game is currently at two of its 18 thousand dollar goal with 26 days left to go, and there’s a demo if you want to give it a shot before backing it. Personally, I find the style and tone to be incredibly impressive, and the rationing of your energy seems like a fantastic way to set up that feeling of helplessness. Check out the Kickstarter page here, and show it some love if you want to see it come to fruition.

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