Delayed releases have become the norm for the crowdfunding industry. It’d honestly be more newsworthy at this point to talk about a game actually coming out when promised than vice-versa. That being said, delays aren’t always a bad thing, and developers KeokeN Interactive prove it with Deliver Us The Moon.

Deliver Us the Moon


Originally slated for an August release, talks with potential publishers seem to have steered the devs otherwise. According to their latest update, “Next to our tight development schedule, several other (Indie) space/sci-fi games are planned to launch during that coming period. We want to target a period that is best for Deliver Us The Moon to shine like a full moon during a clear night. Together with this publisher, we will be able to determine a better release schedule in the future.” It can be argued the game isn’t scratching the same exact itch, but no one can blame KeokeN for wanting to avoid competition with the hype machine juggernaut that is No Man’s Sky.


While this is sure to disappoint some backers, the team is trying to soften the blow, if only slightly, with an expansive update to their Steam demo, adding a ton of new content and hitting an estimated 40 minute playtime.

As of right now, there’s no concrete date on the game’s release, but the devs are aiming for 2017. If you haven’t heard of Deliver Us The Moon, I highly recommend checking out their Kickstarter because, man oh man, does this one look like a beauty.

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