TDZ Games is asking for $18,000 to crowdfund their game Eliosi’s Hunt, a top-down sci-fi shooter in the vein of retro games like Crash Bandicoot and Metal Slug. Playing as a young bounty hunter by the name of Eliosi, you’ll face off against hordes of enemies while toting a whole lot of flashy weaponry.

eliosi's hunt 3

You might need your rocket launcher, for example, to blast through walls and creatures and unlock secret regions. Environmental hazards will also keep you on your toes as well, as you tread carefully through treacherous minefields and make use of moving platforms in order to reach your destination.

Perhaps what’s most interesting about Eliosi’s Hunt is the use of Unreal Engine 4 and motion capture. As stated on the Kickstarter page, the motion capture is funded by FUMEC, a local university, and will be used to animate “biped characters for both gameplay and cut-scenes.”eliosi's hunt

Aside from the gameplay featured in the trailer, which shows off the beauty and smoothness of Unreal Engine 4—the same engine used to power Epic Games’ Paragon and upcoming Unreal Tournament—you can check out some gorgeous concept art at the bottom of the Kickstarter page. Higher tier backer rewards offer the concept art in the form of t-shirts, posters, and even mouse pads. Oh, and why not give Eliosi’s rocket boots a whirl in the playable demo? It’s available now through Steam.

Felix Wong

Felix Wong

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Felix Wong