Card games all generally play the same way: You build a deck and battle an opponent until they run out of health. Sometimes, one comes along with unique gameplay that changes things up. In the case of Allians, this is in the cards themselves. The gameplay is pretty straightforward, but every card you play is a gamer with stats based on their Steam profile. That’s right, these aren’t just “faceless” minions you’re playing with.


What I love most about Allians is that each attribute is pulled directly from your Steam achievement list. The more you have unlocked, the more powerful your personal card becomes. The higher the linked attribute you’re fighting with, the more likely you’ll score a direct hit on your opponent. Bring them to zero health and you win.


Unsurprisingly, most heavily influenced by adventure games.

Allians is easy to pick up and learn, but some of my favorite CCGs are those that can become deeply strategic. This one is no exception, as it has the potential to really become a competitive game worth playing. The pitch does go into detail of how the game plays, but even that is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. I look forward to seeing where Claimony takes this unique look at card games.

The most interesting part of Allians for me, though, would have to be that as you unlock more achievements and the more you play this game, your own card becomes more powerful. The game is constantly evolving too. Hopefully we’ll see some of the stretch goals reached, particularly integration.

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