I’m usually not a fan of turn based strategy games, but I do love a good card game. In Legions of Tyrandel, you’ll be squaring off against an opponent as you both try to take each other out. Sounds simple enough, but I’m sure that in this case looks can be quite deceiving. Despite not being a fan of one play style, it doesn’t mean that I won’t take a look at it as a whole.

Legions of Tyrandel

Legions of Tyrandel does look like a good game and I can certainly overlook some of its shortcomings. It’s hard to tell just from the video and screenshots just how it all plays out, but thankfully there is a demo to try out. Even if I don’t back this one, I’m sure to enjoy what there is right now. Either way, I’m not one to pass up a card game whether it’s on a board or not.

Despite being an avid card player, I do find myself not playing online as often as I’d like. Thankfully, there is a stretch goal where a full campaign is planned. I do hope that they unlock it, but I’m sure the online component is fun in its own regard. Even if it’s not unlocked, Legions of Tyrandel still has a twenty level tutorial of sorts. And, if you don’t have any friends, you can play against the computer as well.

Legions of Tyrandel

There looks to be something for everyone looking for an interesting card game or strategy game. I know that I’ll be trying out the demo and making a decision to back or not based on my experience. It looks like it’s worth checking out.

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