In an unusual move, forthcoming oldschool RPG Elysian Shadows has returned from silence with an announcement of a coming announcement. The full update will be in video form, and is slated for release next month.

This comes after a nine-month silence without updates. A post from last December went into some intimate details regarding a team member suddenly leaving and taking everything with him. That was the cause of major delays, says the team.


Back on Track

Now the developers say they’re back on track. The newest update doesn’t reveal much, but it does detail some team changes, as well as promise the video next month will provide backers everything they need to know. They’re doing it this way to save backers digging through what they call “a MASSIVE amount of text.”

With its unique art style that blends sprite work and 3D environments, Elysian Shadows was a hit with backers. It so far has raised over $185,000 and breaking two of its stretch goals in the process. Currently it is slated for release on Steam, Ouya, and Dreamcast oddly enough, as well as mobile platforms. A developer comment on the most recent update assures backers that the multi-platform support has not contributed to delays.



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