October is nearly upon us and that means all things spooky and scary will soon be taking center stage. What better way to get into the Halloween spirit than taking a trip to good old Camp Crystal Lake and slaughtering the hell out of some hapless teen counselors? Friday the 13th: The Game will be releasing soon and the team at Gun Media has been steadily pushing out updates to build the hype.

Friday The 13th

An official release day hasn’t been announced, but BackerKit members were given the heads-up that pre-orders will be charged on September 30th. This will lock in all pre-sales and add-ons, so anyone who supported the game this way should make sure all their details are correct before the deadline. Kickstarter backers already paid during the campaign so this only affects people who pre-ordered after June 8th.

Developer, Illfonic has continued to debut new counselor concepts and models. This includes the latest iteration of playable slaughter machine Jason Voorhees from the 6th Friday The 13th film, Jason Lives. The team is working hard to reconstruct every aspect of the movies into the game with the highest level of detail possible.

Dreadfully Exciting

Not gonna lie, their dedication and passion for the project is pretty exciting. Almost as exciting as the gloriously brutal kill compilation video they shared at PAX West.

While we’ve called them out before for their less than stellar multi-platform funding model, the project has been overwhelmingly successful thus far. This is due to Illfonic and Gun Media both being fans of the franchise who have remained highly engaged with the community throughout development.

There are weekly Twitch streams and a recently ramped up update schedule on Friday the 13th‘s Kickstarter page. Hopefully they’ll give us a release date soon because with Fall officially upon us I’m ready for some scary.

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