I love goats. No, not in that way. There’s just something I like about them. Anyway, when I see a game featuring our cloven pals I have to take a close look at it. In the case of When Goats Join Cults, it’s as strange as it sounds. You play as a goat who somehow ends up in a goat-eating cult. Yeah, it’s a really bizarre plot, but I find it quite intriguing.

When Goats Join CultsPotential cannibalism aside, this platformer is one of the weirdest I’ve seen on Kickstarter to date. The pitch for When Goats Join Cults isn’t very well built, though. It’s really funny in parts, but overall the concept isn’t really explained. You’re a goat that got invited to dinner. Scratch that. You’re a goat that got invited AS dinner. And, apparently these cultists are stupid enough to believe a simple robe as a disguise.

Goat on Goat Crime

It’s up to you to do whatever it is goats do in this situation. The most disturbing option seems to be joining the cult and devouring your own kind. When Goats Join Cults promises ten endings, but what they are remains to be seen. There’s a demo available, but is it worth trying out? That’s up for you to decide.  Comment below if you check it out, because I’m too afraid to play it myself, but am curious what it’s all about.

When Goats Join CultsI like weird games, but perhaps When Goats Join Cults is just a bit too weird for me. The pitch video alone had me feeling like I needed a long shower. Still, this idea might be right up someone’s alley. I don’t judge. Whatever floats your goat, and all that.

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