While most tactical strategy games focus on the solo experience, Dungeon of Zaar hopes to stand out by emphasizing multiplayer. Specifically, by engaging players in strategic PvP battles as they progress through the dungeon of the Archmage, Zaar.

The turn-based combat is meant to be fast-paced with matches typically lasting around 15 minutes. Each player has a customizable “explorer” they can level up and equip as they progress. Explorers can’t be expected to take on the dangers of the dungeon all alone. Instead they bring along a team of 5 hired mercenaries to assist them in battle.

dungeonofzaargif1Creative team combinations are essential to planning a winning strategy. Each mercenary has its own strengths and weaknesses combined with unique abilities. Explorers will also be able to equip three items to bring on their adventure.

While all the mercenaries will be available to recruit from the start of the game, explorers will only have access to a few basic items initially. In order to upgrade their equipment, they must discover and craft more from the depths of the dungeon.


A Possible Nintendo NX Release

The developers are seeking $28,017 on Kickstarter to help complete Dungeon of Zaar for PC, MAC & Linux in English and French at first. They also aspire to develop a Nintendo NX version at a later date. Currently they believe the game to be about 50% finished, with nine mercenaries and four arenas completed. They hope to introduce at least 15 mercenaries, eight arenas, and 30 items by launch, sometime in mid-2017.

Dungeon of Zaar is also up for voting over on Steam Greenlight, but players will have to back the game on Kickstarter if they want access to exclusive character skins. Although stretch goals haven’t officially been announced, the campaign page hints that they will add additional game modes and possibly a single-player experience with AI opponents. Until then the game remains apologetically multiplayer.

(Ed: We’ve added the very promising Dungeon of Zaar to our curation page on Kickstarter, check out the full list at http://kickstarter.com/cliqist!)

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