In these difficult times, it’s only natural to question humanity. We’ve seen the worst in ourselves all over the world in 2016. The sooner this year is over, the better as far as many are concerned. But there’s at least one hurdle we must still overcome, one last punch in the gut to endure. That would be Butt Sniffin Pugs, a game about smelling the asses of various Dutch Mastiffs. With none other than PewDiePie’s blessing, the campaign has collected over $10,000 in a matter of days.

There are “Pug butt controllers” as well.
buttsniffinpugs01BSP is a basically a love letter to open-ended games like Animal Crossing and Minecraft,” is what the Kickstarter will have you believe. That is not the case. Instead, BSP sees you playing a Pug, exploring 2D levels while sniffing butts, peeing in pools, and sitting in chairs. That appears to be the extent of it.


The Junk in the Trunk

The greatest atrocity in this scandal is that the Kickstarter page is badly laid out. There’s no real substance to it. It’s just a lot of quotes from the likes of Cliff Bleszinski, Shuhei Yoshida, PewDiePie, who’s also shown using the “Pug butt controller” in action. There are several gifs and screenshots showing the surprisingly decent art, and a few paragraphs about what the hell this thing is supposed to be. But that’s it.

None of the text goes into any great detail. It just throws features at you, like the ability to dress the Pugs, finding secret treasure, and of course sniffing butts. Why developer SpaceBeagles needs $60,000 for this, who these developers even are, or what the point of the game is all remains a mystery. Hey, at least Kickstarter gave it their coveted “Projects We Love” badge.


This is considered humor in the year 2016.

It’s your money, spend it however you please. But it’s always a shame to see a badly run Kickstarter get attention just because of a silly/stupid concept and a big name endorsement. Especially when genuinely great looking games and campaigns are tossed aside. Hypnospace Outlaw, from decorated game designer Jay Tholen, has been on Kickstarter for weeks, yet was only funded in the final 24 hours or so.

Is that fair? Fair doesn’t really matter. That’s just another reminder of how cruel this world really is. People would rather sniff dogs asses then deal with it.

Josh Griffiths

Josh Griffiths

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