Crowdfunding enthusiasts in and around New York, rejoice! On Saturday October 29th, Kickstarter will be hosting their first-ever crowdfunded games festival. Dubbed, Ghost Arcade, the festival will be a Halloween-themed celebration of Kickstarter’s gaming community.

Wear your costume

Ghost Arcade will be free and open to the public at BRIC House in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. The event is open to all from 11am to 7pm. The organizers are encouraging attendees to wear costumes to fit the Halloween vibe.
Visitors will have access to 19 video and tabletop games, including; Secret Hitler, Pixel Noir, Meriwether: An American Epic, and Super Russian Roulette. You can check the full lineup here.

pixelnoir3This isn’t Kickstarter’s first community get-together. They’ve held a string of free events celebrating the creative communities that have grown around the platform. Notably, Kickstarter hosts a recurring film festival held in various cities and a summer festival at Fort Greene Park.

You won’t need a ticket or reservation for Ghost Arcade, but you can visit their  Facebook page and indicate your interest in attending. It sounds like a pretty good time, I just wish the lineup wasn’t limited to New York-based creators.

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