It’s the worst-case scenario for an indie game developer – potentially losing all your hard work with no backup. In the case of The Adventures of Sam & Hunni, malware prevented the online backups from completing and required a complete re-installation of Windows for the developer. Luckily disaster was averted, and the only outcome was creator Patrick Blake Mason taking a well-earned rest.

The Adventures of Sam & HunniFor any other developer such tales of woe might be seen as an excuse to explain away delays. However that’s definitely not the case for Patrick, the solo developer behind PlayBoyMan Games. With only five backers for his quest-based RPG, he hasn’t had to answer any tough questions or respond to criticism. In fact none of his many updates have any comments or likes. At all.

The Adventures of Sam & Hunni

Keep on Keeping on

That lack of backer interest is a shame, particularly as Patrick’s commitment to Kickstarter puts most other creators to shame. Since The Adventures of Sam & Hunni was successfully funded in December 2015, he’s posted 19 updates. Taken as a whole, these updates actually form a very interesting developer blog.

The Adventures of Sam & HunniPatrick is clearly determined to get his game finished and I’ve no doubt that he’ll manage it, even if it is a bit delayed. And to show my appreciation for his many updates I’ve done what clearly needed to be done – given The Adventures of Sam & Hunni its first like.

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