Sydney Hunter and the Caverns of Death is a Kickstarter campaign designed solely to appeal to retro gamers. As Cliqist contributor, and avid occasional YouTuber watcher, Marcus Estrada pointed out, the Kickstarter spent less time talking about the game, and more time trying to attract retro gamers. It laid out, in painstaking detail, all the different physical retro versions the game would receive. Most notably, actual SNES cartridges. Much like Haunted Halloween ’86, Sydney Hunter was designed from the ground up for the Super Nintendo.

It should come as little surprise then the game was recently delayed.

sydneyhunterandthecavernsofdeath2According to a recent update, the game seems to be nearly completed. “We’ve been working out bugs and beta testing the game a lot to make sure we iron out any potential issues,” the update reads. “The game is fully designed and the graphics and sprits [sic] are all complete for both the SNES and NES ports.”

Even the game boxes have been designed and are ready to go. What seems to be halting all progress is a “major bug,” which the team at CollectorVision Games is currently working on. Based on that, it sounds like it shouldn’t take long to get the game out, but unfortunately, the update dashes those hopes.

Left Hanging

“Our new goal is to get the SNES port of the game complete by early next year 2017 and ready to ship. We recently hired a new NES programmer to assist with that port, and that port will be out next year as well. That’s not anticipating any additional hiccups of course.”

That’s a sexy shade of blue.

There’s a bit of a mixed reception from the comment section. Of the two comments, one is positive, while the other isn’t so much. The backer asks if they’re going to get anything extra because of the delay and say they aren’t sure they’re getting what the paid for, (for some reason). This is wrapped up by suggestion that “pro haps [so much sic]” the devs could sign the game, or something.

It’s a shame, but it isn’t much of a surprise. Kickstarter campaigns are delayed all the time, especially those from new developers, like CollectorVision Games. The length of the delay might be a bit of a shock at first glance, considering how wrapped up the project seems to be. But, keep in mind it’s near the end of the year. With American Thanksgiving, multiple Holidays, and the New Year right around the corner, it’s no wonder there was a delay. It also helps explain why one “major” bug pushed the release back so far.

Josh Griffiths

Josh Griffiths

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