Nuclear energy can be used to both help and hurt others. Unfortunately, the waste from power plants and fallout from accidents do more harm than good. Games for Change are trying to bring awareness of the dangers to gamers with Epic Orphan. This is a game where you play as a government agent as you try to avert nuclear problems around the globe.

Epic OrphanBasically, Epic Orphan is an “edutainment” adventure game. Little is known about the actual gameplay. However, the developers want to bring to attention something called “orphan sources” of nuclear energy. These are things like weapons held by rogue nations, nuclear waste from power plants, and tackling terrorism using this unstable method of war.


I do like the concept behind Epic Orphan, but it would have been nice to know more about how it plays. As it is, there’s little there to get a feel for it. With a little bit of an expansion in the pitch, I’m sure it’ll be a lot better. Just a couple brief paragraphs would go a long way. Still, the core concept is there and it’s worth exploring further.

Epic OrphanThose interested in checking out Epic Orphan should know one thing. This looks to be an Android only release. If there are other platforms planned, it’s not mentioned. A high stretch goal does mention an iOS port however. So, basically this is a mobile-only release. It would be nice to see a PC port, but perhaps it’s being designed purely for an “on the go” experience. Either way, I do hope they reach at least their $37,500 goal.

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