There are so many interesting looking projects seeking crowdfunding that inevitably some fall through the cracks. Usually the developers promise to see the game through to completion anyway, but considering how many funded games just disappear, it’s easy to dismiss these claims. At least, until Victus: Rewrite History actually goes and does it.

The Kickstarter campaign ran from May until June of this year, but the developers were unable to secure the £10,500 they were seeking. Admittedly, the odds were stacked against them. Browser-based strategy MMO’s don’t typically perform well on crowdfunding platforms.

victusopenbeta1The Victus developers didn’t let this setback get them down though. Instead they went right back to work, testing and bug fixing for their closed beta. Rather than slink off into the night they continued to post updates to Kickstarter about the game’s progress. Now, it seems their determination has paid off.

Never say never

Just three months after the failed campaign, the open beta for Victus launched on its new website. While they weren’t able to implement all the features they wanted, the beta promises to be a fully functional game in its own right.

victus1Granted, Victus is still very much a free-to-play browser game, but it’s nice to see developers able to push forward after an unsuccessful campaign. If Victus can do it maybe others can as well. There are certainly a few other “failures” I’d love to see make a comeback.

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