Cars have four wheels and occasionally star in terrible movies. That’s about the extent of most of the Cliqist staff’s knowledge of cars. We like to think we know a good racing game when we see it though, and Apex Racing League is a good’un.

Newcomer developer Eagle Nest Interactive is seeking $48,701 to put on that final layer of wax. Apex Racing League is a top-down arcade racing game but with a twist. The “arcade” there is a bit of a misnomer, as Eagle Nest is going for an authentic feel. You won’t find any power ups or weapons here, just good old-fashion ozone-layer-destroying real-world cars racing. Be it against the clock or opponents, you’ll find your little car racing on dirt roads, paved courses, and… well that’s it actually.

apexracingleague01There will be plenty of cars to choose from though. There’s the classic Ford Yellow One, the Honda Red and White one, and the one with a skateboarding ramp attached to the top. There are even NASCAR’s in case you only ever feel like turning to the left.

Car Things, and Stuff

Each care will be customizable right down to the thingys, and with online multiplayer playing an integral part, this is the kind of game you’ll want to be playing with friends. Get ready for people painting their car gold and driving the wrong direction the whole race!

apexracingleague02The Kickstarter page has a lot of info, detailing everything from the cars and customization, to online matches and the developers. There are lots of screenshots and some gameplay is shown in the pitch video, which is always great to see.

If you’re in the mood for a good top-down racing game on Kickstarter, that’s oddly specific. This is also your dream come true, because Apex Racing League delivers. It’s good to see Kickstarter give the “Projects We Love” banner to a campaign that deserves it for once.

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