Do you know what’s never cute? Cannibalism. Yet that’s exactly the tone Tan Qi Rong is going for with MeatPossible. Just look at the icon art: a pig with a piece of bacon wrapped around its nose. It’s horrifying, it’s disgusting, yet it’s also absolutely adorable. And tasty.

MeatPossible is a sort of hybrid between a 2D platformer and an endless runner. The story is absolutely absurd. You play a Knight Captain in the Kingdom of Epicton, and it’s your job to kill every pig you can as quickly as you can. For a game like this, there’s surprising a lot of story behind it, though it’s certainly interesting at the very least.


The English isn’t great as the developer is based in Singapore, but the story description gets the job done. Basically for generations the people in the Kingdom of Epicton have only had two pigs. The people let the pigs live so they could oink each others bacon and have baby pigs to slaughter. But over the years, the pigs started to mutate for no explained reason and gained special powers, including a piece of bacon attached to their nose. Now the pigs are rising up against the Epicton for killing them and such.

There are also chests you need to collect, but only collect those of the same color. Don’t ask, just go with it.


I almost forgot to mention the half-naked female protagonist. What game isn’t complete without one of those?

The gameplay is what you’d expect. Move to the right and kill all the pigs in your path. There’s a scoring system, multiple lives, and power pick-ups that let you kill faster. It looks pretty basic, but it’s got a cute art style and a “so bad it’s good” kind of story.

With a funding goal of only $2,447, don’t be surprised if this one turns out to be a success.

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