During a live interview from EGX, developer Failbetter Games has announced the upcoming sequel to their crowdfunded title, Sunless Sea. The new game will be called Sunless Skies and the Kickstarter campaign will launch in February of 2017.

This announcement comes hot on the heels of the release of Sunless Sea’s underwater DLC expansion, Zubmariner. The delivery of the DLC stretch goal marked the completion of the Sunless Sea campaign. The stories of Fallen London’s sardonic Victorian-Gothic underworld however, continue.

High Above The Waters

Sunless Skies is currently in pre-production and will take place in the “high wilderness” of space:

“The Empress has abandoned London and led an exodus to the High Wilderness, to carve out a new British Empire. With the Empire being increasingly authoritarian, bohemians, revolutionaries and outcasts – like you – are trying to make a life for themselves on its fringes.” –Failbetter Games

Failbetter plans to elaborate on the lessons learned creating Sunless Sea, while fleshing out the experience to create a “smoother, more engaging sequel.”

You can watch the panel from EGX above, the Sunless Skies announcement begins around the 11min mark. Failbetter has also released a Kickstarter Survey ahead of the upcoming campaign. Potential backers can chime in with ideas for future reward tiers.

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