Ever wanted to get away from it all, like really far away? Maybe you’ve even felt this way extremely recently? I wish I could help, but I’m paid to write about video games, so here’s the best I can offer. Afterthought Studios is funding their next visual novel over on Kickstarter, the protagonist goes to another world. I’d like to go with her.

Tickets, Please

When Our Journey Ends tells the story of seventeen year old, Mariko. She is a high school student and the lone passenger of a dying train station. If the premise sounds familiar that’s because it’s based on the real story of Kana Harada and the Kyu-Shirataki train station in Hokkaido, Japan. Essentially, the train only persists so that Mariko can get to and from school each day, which embarrasses Mariko.


The short visual novel will tell the story of an unexpected stop on Mariko’s ride home and how it changes her life. It’s worth noting that the project has already surpassed it’s meager funding goal ($252) and is currently adding on stretch goals. The graphics are gorgeous with animated background art that really bring the game to life.


When Our Journey Ends has a demo to download and try out. Fans looking for more ways to support the game can also vote for it on Steam Greenlight.

Joanna Mueller

Joanna Mueller

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