Visual novel Anime Studio Simulator may have only been released on November 3rd, but it’s already seen two updates. The good news is that the updates weren’t to fix bugs. Instead the developer has listened to early comments and made changes in order to improve the game.


The first update was actually made a mere 48 hours after Anime Studio Simulator went live on Steam. Despite the majority of the user reviews being positive, several mentioned the limited soundtrack. While the developers weren’t able to include voice acting due to budgetary restraints, the music has now been adjusted to ensure there are fewer periods of silence. Another change in response to reviewer feedback was increasing the length of names for your chosen anime series.

Power to the People

The next update followed only a week later and saw Steam trading cards added. This was by far the most common topic of discussion in the Steam forums for Anime Studio Simulator, and it’s refreshing to see a developer respond so quickly. In fact, creator wraithseeker has been active in the Steam forums, providing general advice and even assisting Kickstarter backers who hadn’t received their Steam keys.

Anime Studio Simulator

Resting a sick worker at what cost?

There may have only been 180 Kickstarter backers of Anime Studio Simulator, but they must be quite happy with the results. After all, it was released only a few months after the Kickstarter finished in August 2016. There’s also been a positive reaction from gamers with a 71% user score on Steam. And similarly solid scores have been awarded by gaming sites with 3/5 from and a 7.5/10 from

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