After successfully releasing War For The Overworld last year on Steam, Subterranean Games is finally ready to unveil their new, backer funded, Crucible DLC. Earned as a flex goal during the Kickstarter Campaign, Crucible adds a highly anticipated survival mode to the subterranean RTS god game.

Dev Tested, Backer Approved

War For The Overworld managed to raise £211,371 thanks to the 8,351 backers who supported it. Wanting to keep the community involved, the developers weren’t happy with simply offering predetermined stretch goals. Instead they decided that for every £75,000 raised over their funding goal, backers could vote on a new feature to add to the game. When it came time to vote, backers picked the survival mode option and thus Crucible was born.

The free DLC adds a co-op survival mode. Here players challenge their friends to build an impenetrable underground fortress. The increasingly difficult waves of enemies keep coming until all defenses have fallen. The match doesn’t end until the evil mentor (voiced by Richard Ridings) declares your defeat. The addition of a global leader board will allow players to challenge their rivals for supremacy.

Behold the mighty Democorn.

Also included in the Crucible, dozens of new units, lifeline abilities, six new maps, and two unique challenge modes. It looks to be a substantial update, one which backers will be excited to finally get their hands on.

Subterranean Games has also used this opportunity to release a new Patch (version 1.5). This update adds a few visual and UI changes into War for the Overworld while also fixing a few minor issues. It’s not their largest Patch to date, but in combination with the new DLC it may well be their most impressive.

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