After they managed to raise CA$ 37,933 on Kickstarter back in 2014, ManaVoid Entertainment made steady progress on their game, Epic Manager. The project just got its full release on Steam a week ago, but that hasn’t slowed the developers down any.

The switch to full release happened without much fanfare. Most backers have had the game since Epic Manager first came out in Early Access. Now that the rest of us have been invited to the adventuring tycoon party, the developers can focus on fulfilling their remaining Kickstarter promises.

In their most recent update, ManaVoid has released Patch v.1.1, which brought additional content and performance improvements to Epic Manager. Notably, this patch has brought even more of the promised user-created content into the game. Backer created items are highlighted by a “K” icon so players can recognize them.

More Rewards On The Way

The devs are hoping to reach out to the remaining backers who need to design their user-created content after the holidays. This is when physical rewards will also start going out. “Epic Knight Tier” backers will be receiving their exclusive cheat codes through Mailchimp as well.

It’s a great way to end the year, one which I’m sure backers have been looking forward to for some time. Take note new developers, this is how you deliver a project.

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