In the old days, many RPGs featured pixel-art, creating a unique look and feel to them. For many, this style has its charm, and Tilfinning (just Till for short) hopes to bring that charm to the modern day with Shrine of Orm, now on Kickstarter.

Shrine of Orm is a turn-based, first-person dungeon crawler with heavy emphasis on horror and exploration. You move on tiles as you explore the titular Shrine of Orm in search of loot and adventure. Horrific enemies lurk within the shrine, a maze-like dungeon full of traps, secrets, and other obstacles.

On this journey, you’ll control four characters at once. Each will be one of six races and 11 classes, with each combination sporting their own skills and weaknesses. The campaign notes that managing your resources is key to survival, so expect some roguelike elements.

shrine of orm

The story revolves around Lamina, the High Priestess of Orm, hiding within the shrine after the murder of Prince Edmund. Like any High Priestess would do in this situation, she of course turns the shrine into a castle of madness, enslaving anyone who enters to join her cause. The hired adventurers must hunt down the Priestess and give her a good old-fashioned killing.

The game is a labor of love from one man, Till, who hopes to complete it over two years. He crafted all the assets, including hand-drawn sprites and animations, music, and more. The project seems rather ambitious one man, but he could hire someone to help with the assets down the line.

Till mentions that he has little experience with development, but is a professional animator. He seems devoted to building his dream game, come hell or high water. Head on over to the Kickstarter for more info.

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