I’ll be one of the first to try out a new adventure game. However, I also won’t play every title out there. The same goes for checking out crowdfunding campaigns in this genre. While most have enough information to get me to at least keep an eye on it, Rospe and the Humanity’s Downfall lost my attention after the first couple paragraphs. And that’s never a good sign for any campaign that could otherwise be worth starring.

Rospe and the Humanity's Downfall

The pitch for Rospe and the Humanity’s Downfall is very light on the information. The only story elements we get is that Rospe tries to escape from his dad’s house and gets swept off in some sort of world saving adventure. That’s it. There’s also some brief information on the history of the years-long development of the game. Outside of a couple screenshots and short video there’s honestly not much to go with here.

What makes me cringe the most about Rospe and the Humanity’s Downfall, though, is the asking amount. Outside of the big names in the industry, very few will get even a small fraction of the roughly $177k being asked for. And most of those had a lot more to show off or talk about. I try to be more lenient towards first time creators, but I also don’t like it when a pitch looks lazy.

Rospe and the Humanity's Downfall

I really want to know more about Rospe and the Humanity’s Downfall. Don’t get me wrong. I love a good adventure game, but even today I would like more than a couple vague paragraphs. At least I know it plays like an old school LucasArts title. Beyond that, I really couldn’t make a decision one way or another.

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