I will be the first to admit I’m not a big fan of zombie stories. However, I do enjoy a good survival horror game. Whether it features our cannibalistic undead brethren or not, knowing that death might just be lurking around the corner helps pump the blood. With that said, I really do love the idea behind Division despite the zombie-like tropes.


The basic story behind Division is some catastrophic event turns everyone into monsters feasting on the flesh of each other. There are two survivors, from quite opposite ends of the law. They have to work together to survive in what can best be described as “Hell on Earth”. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? From what I know, it actually does sound like a good game to play. Especially if you’re a fan of survival horror like I am.

Here’s what I love most about Division. The game is an action RPG being developed in RPG Maker. Traditionally, games made using this platform use a turn-based approach, but not here. You can stealth by obstacles or go running in guns ablaze. It’s your choice. It also adds to the charm having a more pixelated graphic style than something more photo-realistic in today’s horror environment. Frankly, this is a game I could quite get behind.


They’re asking for only around $8,500, so the base goal is already quite low. It’s perhaps too low for a game that looks as ambitious as Division is. Still, $4 is a steal for a game like this if they make good on any promises made during the campaign. For now, I’m keeping an eye on it as more information comes in. With more updates, I’m sure to be better informed as to what to expect and if it’s worth finally putting money into.

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