Venture Moon Industries wasn’t shy about jumping on the OUYA bandwagon back in 2014. During the Kickstarter campaign for their adventure game, Duke Grabowski they participated in OUYA’s #FreeTheGamesFund. This program had OUYA matching campaign pledges dollar-for-dollar (up to $250,000) for developers making new and creative console games.

One of the participation requirements was that Duke Grabowski, Mighty Swashbuckler! Would be a OUYA exclusive on mobile and consoles when the PC/MAC/Linux version released. Unfortunately for Venture Moon Industries, OUYA got bought out by Razer. No OUYA meant no sweet OUYA development dollars.

Luckily, the team at Razer has picked up the slack. They paid for a version of Duke Grabowski on their own system. Bill Tiller at Venture Moon shared this information in a recent Kickstarter update. The new Razer version is complete and available to interested backers via email.

So Long And Thanks For All The Dialog

Tiller also shared that teammate, Gene Mocsy would be leaving Venture Moon to focus on his own company, Irresponsible Games. Mocscy, along-side Tiller, was part of the team behind A Vampyre Story, Ghost Pirates, Perils of Man, and, of course, Duke Grabowski.

Next up, Venture Moon will complete work on the next chapter in the Duke saga, Duke Grabowski: Episode 2: Debonair Corsair. Tiller says he is already more than half done with game design and pre-production art. The new episode will have Duke sent on another wild goose chase, courtesy of Slewface as he inadvertently learns to be a great captain.

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