Sale figures aren’t the only way of determining the success of crowdfunded games, but they’re definitely important. Which is why it’s heartening to see seven Kickstarter games among the 100 best-selling Steam games of 2016.

Elite Dangerous is based on the classic Elite game and allows players to fly through an expansive universe killing their friends.

Valve has released the official list which includes Undertale, Grim Dawn, Divinity: Original Sin, Darkest Dungeon, RimWorld, Squad and Elite: Dangerous. While the exact rankings aren’t revealed, they are grouped into several categories with the seven Kickstarter titles in the ‘bronze’ section. Essentially this means they are all somewhere in the range of 41-100.

Double Success Stories

For Undertale and Darkest Dungeon this is a double success story as they were both also shortlisted in the 2016 Steam Awards. Meanwhile the success of RimWorld, Squad and Elite: Dangerous is especially noteworthy considering all are still in Early Access.

Finally, Divinity: Original Sin also deserves to be namechecked considering it was first released in 2014. The release of the enhanced edition at the end of 2015 explains it’s appearance in this list however, with all original Kickstarter backers receiving free keys for the enhanced edition as well.

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