Most RPGs attempt to account for player agency. Allowing the player to make little decisions along the way as the story unfolds. Great RPGs even reward players with logical consequences for their choices. Sometimes, a player’s choices are even the driving force of the story. That seems to be the goal of Lanze Games newest project, Pixel Princess Blitz.

The Kickstarter campaign is already well on its way to hitting its $82,478 funding goal. While the lovely pixel art certainly shares some of the blame, it’s the gameworld itself that makes the project so intriguing. Taking place in the fantasy Kingdom of Vered, Pixel Princess Blitz tells the story of a young Strider named Kuruna.

Twelve years ago Irsilian forces invaded the Kingdom. Despite this the Verad Resistance Army is still trying to fight back. As of late talk has spread of undeads, fairy tale monsters, and Wildren creeping across the land. As a Strider it is Kuruna’s task to travel great distances to help those in need. How she renders that help is entirely up to the player.

Choose Your Adventure, Or Don’t

Throughout the game, the player will encounter traditional pen and paper-style events. This approach at dynamic storytelling allows players to change the outcomes of various events and even cause new ones that may have otherwise not occurred.

Rather than following a linear story, players have access to a massive action sandbox. The world is full of interesting characters and enemies, each with their own motivations, alliances, and goals. Ultimately, how Kuruna works with or against these characters and factions is left entirely in the players hands. For better or worse.

“Renegade approaches often grant you better short-term rewards, whereas paragon approaches can have a long-term impact that can save your skin in a crucial moment.”

Lanze Games

Of course, it’s not all sunshine and epic swashbuckling. The gameworld can be harsh as well. Day/Night and weather cycles can help or hinder the journey. Resources will have to be carefully managed for Kuruna to remain in peak fighting condition. Finally, the dungeon AI will actively work to destroy you. This becomes especially important in the face of a balanced perma-death feature.

Currently, Pixel Princess Blitz is being developed for Windows, Mac, and Linux. An update added the promise of console ports, but only after the PC versions have been completed. Supposedly, backers will be given the option of selecting a copy of the game for console or handheld through their surveys. However, it’s worth noting that with the game expected for release in mid 2018, it could be some time before Lanze Games is able to deliver on this promise.

Still, if you’re wanting to back an action RPG to start the year off right, Pixel Princess Blitz is well worth a look. Though it might be best to temper expectation of future console releases for the time being.

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