Quick, what do you get if you mix Super Smash Bros. and Kung Fu Panda? It’s hard to say for certain, but it might just be something like Tarhead Studio’s RUiN. Freshly launched on Kickstarter, this top-down arena brawler is seeking $11,421 in funding.

Inspired by the Warcraft III mod, Warlock, RuiN packs fast-paced arcade-style combat into an ever changing and deadly arena. Player abilities adhere to 3 simple principles: simple, varied, and impactful. Players can mix and match their ability loadout to their play-style. RUiN also supports a knockback mechanic. Players can utilize this to shove their opponents further into harms way.

So, wacky and chaotic battles are a go. What’s this about Kung Fu Panda? Well, as it turns out our hardened fighters are actually super tough and cute critters. Characters can select tribes to represent in the arena. This opens up a variety of armors and equipment available to customize heroes prior to battle.

Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover, No Matter How Fluffy

I occasionally catch flak for praising campaigns for their level of cuteness. I get that it’s not necessarily an important feature to everyone, but there is just something charming about having your avatar of destruction look so cuddly. Combined with solid animation, it would be hard not to appreciate the characters.

Tarhead Studio does a nice job of keeping their campaign streamlined and fun. RUiN has been in development on a part-time basis for about two years so it already has plenty to show for itself. The developers are hoping Kickstarter funding will give them the last push they need to really focus on finishing the game.

It certainly doesn’t hurt that all backers who pledge enough to secure a copy of the finished game are also promised pre-alpha access at the conclusion of the campaign. I know crowdfunding is all about patience and the joy of watching something come together, but sometimes it’s just nice to get a piece of the action right away. RUiN will be available for PC through Steam when it launches.

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