I love a good card game, especially one that has unique features to it. So, it was a no-brainer that I instantly backed Labyrinth when it was on Kickstarter. I’ll admit I haven’t played much since builds were released to backers, but what I have seen I’ve loved. Well, as of the latest update the game is finally being released to the public and it’s free to play.


Like most other card games, the packs don’t come free though. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to get them aside from real world money. Backers should also have received some tokens to spend on free packs during the beta stage, though. Also, backers at certain tiers should also get extra packs at their level if they haven’t already done so.


All that said, Labyrinth is still in Steam’s early access program. It probably will be for a while as they add more features to the game. However, from what I’ve played it’s still a pretty full game right now and completely playable. I should have reserved more time to testing it, but I’ll definitely be getting on more often now that more people should start playing.

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