Sometimes less is more. And nowhere is this more apparent than in Code 7. The latest update for this text-based hacking adventure has mentioned an interesting change in their release schedule. The biggest news is that the number of episodes has been lowered. Instead of five hour-long (and change) stories, we’re being treated to four three hour-long tales. That means, despite the fewer releases the game is going to be quite longer overall.

Code 7

In addition to this interesting bit of news, the update also goes deeper into the first episode. Apparently, they’ve been having people beta test it and have been getting useful feedback. Between all of the changes they’ve made, they expect to see the first chapter release sometime in May. Frankly, I can’t wait to get my hands on it because I loved their “Episode 0” during the Kickstarter campaign.

Code 7 has a lot of programs and apps that you can use to reach the end of each episode. It is a hacking game, after all. The rest of the update goes into some detail of what little extras you can expect in the future. I’m personally interested in all of them. From being able to brute force your way into a system to network hopping between computers, there’s always something to do.

Code 7

I’ve always loved a good hacking game, especially one with a gripping story. I knew Code 7 was going to be one so I didn’t hesitate to back it. And with every update I find myself wanting to know more. Even though the number of episodes have decreased, the overall gaming time has nearly doubled. As they say, less is more.

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