Survival horror is an interesting genre. It can mean different things to different people. For me, it’s all about exploration and strange occurrences. While it does look like it has plenty of jump scares, Falling Doors does have the atmosphere I’m looking for. The best part is that this game is more of an adventure than some titles. I generally prefer a more leisurely experience over a twitch fest any day.

Falling Doors

There’s not much in the way of story elements, but Falling Doors does have a plot. Our protagonist has lost his family. Also, for some reason he’s exploring an abandoned old mansion. How this all ties together is beyond me, but it’s an interesting premise. Unfortunately, I would love to know more beyond that. Still, it looks like a good gaming experience from what I’ve seen.

Perhaps the biggest draw, for me at least, would have to be in the graphic department. Between the video and screenshots, it looks exactly how an old building should feel. While I don’t like jump scares, whatever is going on in the place sure is spooky. Survival horror relies on an oppressive setting and I have to say Falling Doors looks to fit that bill.

Falling Doors

I’m honestly not quite sure how I feel about Falling Doors right now. There’s just not enough there to get a good feel for it. For example, how does it play? Are the extra environments hinted at like flashbacks or glimpses into the past of the building? Still, despite the somewhat anemic pitch this one looks to possibly be a good addition to anyone’s collection. Definitely for those who like this type of gaming experience.

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