I love film noir stories. I also love adventure games. Put them together and you’ve got a recipe for an exciting time. Of course, not all games are created equal. In the case of Lutra City Mysteries, it looks to be a great addition to any fan of the story style. Hell, I backed it as soon as I saw the pitch. The game does look to pay homage to both genres, and I’m happy to be in on it from the ground floor.

Lutra City Mysteries

There’s not much in the way of plot development in the pitch, but Lutra City Mysteries does look nice. It certainly evokes the feeling of being in an old ’40s film noir movie. I love that they’re keeping the artwork in black and white, too. While the story isn’t really mentioned beyond the first episode being about a missing girl, that might be enough to want to back it if you’re into this sort of thing.

From my understanding, Lutra City Mysteries was originally an adventure game series made in the popular online game Second Life. Some of the gameplay is shown off in the video, and the difference is definitely night and day. While I never played the original, I’m glad to see a “higher resolution” version coming. I do hope it makes it as I’d love to see the games as intended.

Lutra City Mysteries

A $10k goal is about average for an adventure game these days, and I do hope it manages to get funding. However, from the screenshots and video this might be less than what they’re looking to do. Still, I’ve seen people make adventures for that much and make it look good. In any event, I like Lutra City Mysteries enough to support it even if it doesn’t make it.

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