I love a good first person exploration game. I’ve played, and enjoyed, plenty. The atmosphere and mystery surrounding your environment has called to me since the early days of Myst. The Fall of Lazarus looks to continue that tradition in a sci-fi setting. While there are others like it, this one looks to add to the genre in a hopefully unique way.

The Fall of Lazarus

The basic story for The Fall of Lazarus isn’t long. You’re a member of a cargo ship but with no memory and nobody around you. It’s up to you to unravel the mystery surrounding the titular ship. Like most games in this genre, most of the plot takes place in little bits and pieces scattered around the ship.

And I really do like the feeling of isolation in a strange place. Of course, it’s in a spaceship sometime in the future but that doesn’t detract from the oppressive and lonely atmosphere The Fall of Lazarus looks to convey. There is a sort of prologue “demo” you can try out. According to the video, it sounds like most of what we’ll see in the full game is already more-or-less in that short piece of gameplay.

The Fall of Lazarus

Aside from being a game in a genre I adore, The Fall of Lazarus also has the distinction of being one of the titles running on the Square Enix Collective platform. That should really help this game get funded, and I do hope it makes it. For now, I’ll have it starred but I do plan on giving the prologue a spin. If I like it, I might take the plunge myself.

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