Neoclassic Games has just launched their biggest update yet to their fantasy visual novel, Elisa- The Innkeeper. Update 1.0, which just went live on Steam, has added some major enhancements to core gameplay and fixes. It has also elevated Elisa from an early access title to a full release.

“This is our biggest update ever and we really worked hard in order to make this game better,” Neoclassic wrote in their update to Kickstarter backers. The campaign raised €9,669 in the summer of 2016.

Elisa - The Innkeeper


In addition to fixes and polish, the team has also introduced a few new features to the story. According to the update roughly 10k more words have been added in the form of text, dialogue, and descriptions. They’ve also added a new character and 3 new epilogues for players to experience.

Now that the main story for Elisa- The Innkeeper is complete the team is looking forward to producing additional DLC for the series. These free standalone stories add to the gameworld without interfering with the main storyline. Players can dive right into the game without worrying about missing out on better DLC options down the line.

Elisa - The Innkeeper

It’s always great to see a project making progress. Especially one that plans to continue delighting backers after the initial game release.

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