Now that we’re about a week into Steam’s Summer Sale and you’ve picked up all your must have deals, you’ve finally got time to check out some new stuff you didn’t even realize you wanted. Enter Phantom Halls, the action/adventure RPG where you have to rescue your friends and survive the night in a haunted mansion full of undead terrors. Despite the awesome sounding premise, the game still has a ways to go to live up to it’s potential which is why it’s still in Early Access.

The current build offers a fully playable, procedurally generated, horror-comedy adventure. Players interact with a quirky cast of standard B movie characters as they explore the mansion and dispatch monsters. It has a campy nostalgia, but it doesn’t rely on dated pixel art to pull it off. The papercraft looking artstyle makes each metrovania-esque map pop to life, giving the game a wholly distinct atmosphere.

The devs have also somehow managed to secure licensed content from Evil Dead 2 that adds a playable Ash Williams to the mix. This isn’t just a context-less character skin though. Ash has his own Evil Dead 2 inspired quests and access to his trusty chainsaw and boomstick.

Hold Onto Your Undead Horses

Sadly, this is where you’ll need to temper your expectations a bit. Early Access, remember? The trade-off for buying in before this thing really takes off is that it still has a way to go. On the plus side, for a discounted early bird price, you could help it get there.

Developer Incendium is actively adding new content and soliciting feedback from the community as they work toward a 2018 full release. In the meantime, players should expect to report plenty of bugs as things slowly begin to come together. Perhaps the most requested addition will be a co-op mode since, let’s face it, campy horror tropes are meant to be enjoyed with friends.

If you’re looking to support a fun game with an interesting style, but don’t have the patience to wait out a crowdfunding campaign, Phantom Halls may be just the trip you’re looking for. The Early Access build is available for $6.99 on Steam, but if you pick it up during the Summer Sale it’s only $4.19. Pretty Groovy.

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