Aquaponics Life is an upcoming marine-life management sim in which you swim your way to the top of the urban fish and plant trade. It comes from Maulidan Games, creators of the soon to be released Lobster Empire, amongst others. Maulidan Games have stated a passion for aquaponics as one of the major inspirations behind the game. That’s great and all. It looks fun. But honestly, I don’t care about any of that right now. I just need to know more about this Tomato Man.

Aquaponics Life

Who are you, Tomato Man?

Who are you, Tomato Man? Are you truly, as you appear to be, a man dressed as a tomato? Possibly a poorly paid mascot for a tyrannical chain of monolithic greengrocers, ignoring the shame of being old enough to grow a flourishing, spectacular moustache yet still being forced to squeeze into a rubber tomato suit every morning just to get by?

What do you dream of, my tomato prince? Do you stash away those minimum wage dollars under your mattress, working toward a tomato-free future you’ve never known? Are you only able to force yourself through another day in the comforting knowledge that every passer-by you irritate with faked enthusiastic bellows of ‘Fresh Tomatoes! Freshest Tomatoes in town’ brings you one step closer to leaving this dull life behind you? You wanted to be a dancer, didn’t you, my graceful Tomato angel? You don’t even like Tomatoes all that much. I mean, don’t get you wrong, they’re ok. But ok won’t make much of an epitaph, will it, Tomato Man?

You’re part of it now though, aren’t you, Tomato Man? You’ve seen too much. Seen things that no Tomato Man should see. Big Ketchup have ruined better lives than yours, Tomato Man, you know that. Still, even a lonely Tomato Man has to keep wishing upon those shooting stars, hoping one of them might just light the path to the future.

But what if you did get away, Tomato Man? Ran away from your Tomato life and took off your Tomato suit. What then? You’ve been doing this for so long, you’re not even sure where the Tomato ends, and the man begins. Your eyes speak of a beautiful sadness I have never known, my Tomato friend. I hope the developers of Aquaponics Life treat you with kindness.

If you know about this Tomato Man, please let me know in the comments. To do any less would be to grossly pervert the course of destiny.

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