I visited Croatia, where Saint Kotor is set, earlier this year. Saw some castles. Met some people. Drunk some beer. It was nice. I didn’t take part in any stygian rituals to resurrect eldritch monstrosities. Nor did I howl at any gibbous moons from twisted cyclopean spires, but perhaps I just wasn’t looking hard enough. According to Saint Kotor, there was something far more sinister lurking just off the beaten path.

Saint Kotor Game

Saint Kotor is a ‘2.5d’ adventure game with a striking, painterly art style. It’s evocative of Broken Sword, but with all the detail and richness you’d expect from a modern iteration. Developer Tanais Games aims to merge ‘psychological horror’ with ‘classically inspired point n’click mechanics’. The game features multiple protagonists – Viktoria, Nikolay and Benedek – allowing players to experience the narrative from different viewpoints. I’m not saying this means one of them is definitely going to be swallowed whole by a tentacled abomination or be driven mad by clandestine whispers that haunt their dreams, but, well, you know…

Murders and Devils and Witchcraft, Oh My!

Our three character’s bios feature such jolly phrases as “festering wounds”, “shrouded obsession”, and “torments of sorrow”. I suppose a happy ending is too much to ask for then. The concept art drips with a deeply foreboding atmosphere – early environments are shrouded in a menacing fog so thick you could cut it. Providing it doesn’t get you first, which – let’s be honest – seems likely.

Both the Kickstarter campaign for Saint Kotor, and a playable demo, are due on April 10th, 2018. If you don’t fancy waiting that long for the barbed embrace of soul-rending insanity, You can follow Tanais Games’s progress online. Quoth The Raven: We can’t wait!

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